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Like many big cities in the world, Jakarta attracts people to come for various reasons, whether for business or entertainment. Despite the motivation, Jakarta is a vibrant city that never…

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Unlike many other parts in Indonesia, Kupang is regarded as one of the unique destinations in Indonesia due to its natural attractions that become the host of wildlife, rare species,…

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Makassar is a port city that is known for its beautiful beach scenery and its historical landmark, as well as a dynamic growing city that also caters the modern tourist…

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Jambi was once the home to the famous Sriwijaya Kingdom in which the remains of its temple complex become one of the most popular attractions in this province. This city…

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Malang is a cozy city in East Java known for its chill vibe, educational atmosphere, and its cool weather, being located amidst mountains. This city offers various attractions that are…

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Despite being famous for its "Padang Rice", this city in West Sumatera is also famous for its beautiful natural panoramas blended with historical landmark filled with folklore. This city is…

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The city of Madiun is situated among the relics of Old Majapahit Kingdom, making this city an interesting destination that offers many attractions, ranging from historical until natural sites. With…

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Often referred as "The Hidden Paradise" in North Sulawesi, Gorontalo is a beautiful hidden gem that offers various natural and cultural attraction on the sea. Because of its popularity, the…

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Karawang was once a small town that became a witness to Indonesia's road to independence. Now that it is evolving into a rapid growing industrial city, Karawang still retains…

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Palangkaraya is a unique city located in Central Borneo and it is mostly known for its raw natural beauty and rare wildlife species. It is an attractive and adventurous place…

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