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6 years ago

Makassar is a port city that is known for its beautiful beach scenery and its historical landmark, as well as a dynamic growing city that also caters the modern tourist needs of leisure and fun.

Historical Port City

Makassar is widely known for its distinctive culinary and beautiful scenery. Located on the coast of Sulawesi Island, the city is known for its popular Losari Beach. Stopping by to this beach has become a mandatory activity for every visitor who came to Makassar. This backbone tourist attractions have their own uniqueness. If most beaches are usually known for its sand, the Losari Beach has no sand at all. However, this does not mean the beach is not worth a visit since there are so many activities that you can do here.

In Losari Beach, you can do so many things such as fishing, riding a bike, as well as banana boat and sailing. And of course, an interesting trip won’t be complete without the culinary delight of Makassar. While enjoying your time in Losari Beach, you can also enjoy various dishes ranging from Pisang Epe, Coto, Sop Konro and Es Pallu Butung.

Looking for a historical attraction? Fort Rotterdam or Fort Ujung Pandang (Benteng Ujung Pandang) is located not far from the Losari Beach area. This fortress is one of the historical heritage of the Gowa-Tallo Kingdom which was built in 1545 by the ninth king of Gowa named I Manrigau Daeng Bonto Karaeng Lakiung Tumpa’risi Kallona. At first, the fort was built using clay and egg whites, until then, the building was completed by the 14th king of Gowa, Sultan Alauddin. When viewed from above, the shape of this fort resembles a turtle that is crawling toward the sea. Turtles are chosen since these animals can live in water and on land, which is in accordance with the Gowa-Tallo Kingdom that triumphed in the sea and the land.

If you are looking for a modern tourist attraction in this city, then the Trans Studio Makassar is certainly a choice worth for your time, especially if you are bringing children. Trans Studio stands on an area of 2.7 hectares with 21 rides and four game zones namely Studio Central, Cartoon City, Lost City, and Magic Corner.

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