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6 years ago

The city of Madiun is situated among the relics of Old Majapahit Kingdom, making this city an interesting destination that offers many attractions, ranging from historical until natural sites. With all these wonders, Madiun is a must-go place for tourists.

The Palatial Charm


Madiun is a small city located in the western part of East Java and it is widely known as the center of agriculture. This city is located 169 km southwest of Surabaya and surrounded by a number of gorgeous mountains, including Mount Wilis and Mount Lawu. What makes Madiun unique is due to the fact that the city was situated among the relics of the Old Majapahit Kingdom, which was once known as the greatest empire in Southeast Asia.

As your first historical destination, come and visit Nglambangan, which is a historical site located in the village with the same name, 8 kilometers from Madiun city centre to the east. In this place you will find the relics from the time of Majapahit kingdom in Madiun like Pura Lambang sari, Lumbung, Petirtaan, Punden, then there is also Watu Dakon which is a place of heritage storage in the past. If you are lucky, sometimes you will witness an annual ritual ceremony conducted by the local people.

After enjoying a historical trip, head down to Taman Wisata Umbul (Umbul Tourism Park) which was known as the most attractive tourist attractions in the 1970s to 1990s. After a major renovation, The Umbul Tourism Park is officially reopened in 2012 with more attractions. This recreational park facility is a Dutch heritage park which comes with a variety of facilities, such as swimming pools, sulfur water sources, mini zoo, and children’s playground. The Umbul Tourism Park is located in the Desa Glonggong, Kecamatan Dolopo which is 20 kilometers from the city of Madiun to the south.

The Serondo Waterfall is also a beautiful natural attraction located in Desa Kare, a coffee plantation area in Kabupaten Madiun. This waterfall comes from the spring from the slope of the mountain. Its location on the slopes of Mount Wilis makes Serondo Waterfall so beautiful, with views of the surrounding forest.

If you are looking for something colorful to brighten up your trip, then heads up to Kampung Warna-Warni Jatijajar (Colorful Village of Jatijajar). This village offers a stunning visual attraction through its colorful wall, which was painted by the local artists. This place has become so unique as it resembles the Gamcheon Culture Village in Busan, South Korea. Beside interesting visual arts, the village also has 3-dimensional drawings on the street that can be used as optical illusion photo spot.

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