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6 years ago

Despite being famous for its "Padang Rice", this city in West Sumatera is also famous for its beautiful natural panoramas blended with historical landmark filled with folklore. This city is recommended for those seeking adventure in West Sumatera.

Folklore Charm


When people heard about Padang, the first thing that came out in their mind is the beloved “Padang Rice” that is so delicious that most people in Indonesia (Whatever their ethnicity) truly love it. And here’s a fact! Whenever you travel around Indonesia, whether it is on Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and even Papua, you will always find “Rumah Makan Padang” restaurant every.

Yet, Padang is more than just a dish, but also known as one of the city in West Sumatera with beautiful natural panoramas and legendary places to explore. Bukittinggi is a place where tourists will witness one of the wonders presented by the nature of Padang. Lembah Anai, a waterfall located right next to the highway is able to attract the hearts of anyone who passed to stop and enjoy the natural beauty. The panoramic blend of Lembai Anai is unique and beautiful.

If you are truly into traditional legend and folklore, then the Air Manis Beach (Sweet Water Beach) is a place worth to explore. If you ever heard about the story of Malin Kundang, then you will see the presence of its stone on this beach. This human-like shape stone is very much to make people curious to see it. Legends said that Malin Kundang was once a sailor from a poor family which eventually becoming rich, marrying a princess, and acquiring his own ship. However, one day he denied the presence of her mother to hide the fact that he came from a poor family. Because of his action, Malin Kundang was cursed by her mother, and when his ship crashed on the shore he eventually becomes a stone.

Another tourism icon in Padang is the Siti Nurbaya Bridge that stands on the river of Muara Batang Arau. The bridge also connects the old town of Padang with Siti Nurbaya Park, where Siti Nurbaya is buried. Furthermore, the old town of Padang is believed to be the place where Siti Nurbaya and her lover Samsul Bahri meet for the first time. You will also be amazed that the bridge is filled by food vendors who offer typical Padang culinary taste with a friendly price such as Satay Padang, grilled banana, roasted corn and various special drinks according to taste.

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