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6 years ago

Often referred as "The Hidden Paradise" in North Sulawesi, Gorontalo is a beautiful hidden gem that offers various natural and cultural attraction on the sea. Because of its popularity, the Tomini Sail 2015 event was also held in this location.

A Hidden Paradise


Speaking about Gorontalo is like speaking about a mysteriously hidden gem that goes under the radar, but yet still maintaining a legendary status that makes people curious to visit it. Therefore, it is no surprise that the government called Gorontalo with the nickname “The Hidden Paradise” in North Sulawesi. Fortunately, from the past few years, Gorontalo began to rise in the eyes of the tourists both local and overseas. There are so many stories and charms that keep on pulsating among tourist that makes them intrigued to visit the province.

As one of the backbones of tourist attractions in Gorontalo, Olele marine park really preserve the charming underwater paradise of the province. Here, you can see the coral reef gardens with hordes of small fish that danced around it. You do not even have to dive into the bottom of the ocean to enjoy all that beauty. By simply snorkel around the beach, you can enjoy the charm of the real Olele Sea Garden.

If you are looking for a popular tourist destination in Gorontalo, then the answer is none other than Tomini Bay. The popularity is due to its location nearby to the Djalaluddin Gorontalo Airport. Because of its popularity, the Minister of Fisheries and Marine, Susi Pudjiastuti once held the Tomini Sail 2015 event in this location. Despite the extensive crowd, the beauty of the coral reef Tomini Bay remains intact while charming the eyes of tourists who visit it for the first time. Furthermore, the white sand scenery will guarantee travelers to repel the stress of their mind by simply looking into it. From the center of the city, you can easily reach Tomini Bay by crossing the sea for 15 to 20 minutes by boat.

If you are looking for more cultural experience, then visiting Bubohu Traditional Village is certainly an opportunity that could not be passed. In this traditional village, travelers can learn about the origin of the kingdom of Gorontalo which will certainly add more interesting treasure to your traveling knowledge. The Bubohu Village itself is located in Batudaa Pantai Subdistrict which is about 35 kilometers from Djalaludin Airport Gorontalo

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