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6 years ago

Unlike many other parts in Indonesia, Kupang is regarded as one of the unique destinations in Indonesia due to its natural attractions that become the host of wildlife, rare species, and exotic islands.

The Eastern’s Charm

The tourism in Indonesia does not only revolve around Java and Sumatra. There are still other parts of Indonesia that are certainly worth to explore. One of the hidden gems that has become one the most discussed among both local tourist and international tourist is Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara. Kupang is known for its richness in natural attractions and has become a new choice for travelers seeking to explore the eastern part of Indonesia.

The islands of Nusa Tenggara is known to be the home for millions of wild natures. Geographically speaking, Kupang is the city that gets you closer to the Komodo Island. As the name implies, Komodo Island is an island that is also the habitat of Komodo, a rare and exotic animal that can only be found on this Island. Tourists can freely see and observe the daily patterns of these lizard dragons.

Another place that also exhibits the wild nature of Kupang is the Kera Island (Monkey Island) which can be seen from the edge of the city of Kupang. In order to cross the Island, you need to rent a boat from Bolok harbor. Despite the name, there are no monkeys on the island. However, the place is the heaven for swimming and snorkeling with the friendly villagers who welcome everyone.

A trip to Kupang will not be complete without visiting the beautiful hills called Bukit Cinta (Love Hills) near the El Tari Airport, Kupang. As the name suggested, the hill is considered to the most romantic place in Kupang which always be filled by a group of young people who look to take advantage of this hill as an area to just gather, mingle and taking pictures. As the landscape in this hill is so beautiful, it is a very suitable place for dating as well as taking photos.

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