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6 years ago

Malang is a cozy city in East Java known for its chill vibe, educational atmosphere, and its cool weather, being located amidst mountains. This city offers various attractions that are not only fun to visit, but also educative at the same time.

Cool & Educative


Malang is a city located in the surrounding of mountains, making the air relatively cool and has since become one of the favorite tourist destinations in East Java. Do you love apple? If yes, then you are lucky. This fruit has become an icon of this city. Apples can be easily found here, ranging from private yard owned by local residents, to large plantations and agro-tourism.

If you want to give your children a sense of educational travel, then take them to Jatim Park I, which is a recreational and educational park that offers dozens of rides ready to entertain you and your family. The park comes with Science Stadium which is an outdoor and indoor laboratory that contains information and demonstrations ranging from physics, biology, chemistry to mathematics.

Meanwhile, the Jatim Park II offers two major tourist zones namely Batu Secret Zoo and Wildlife Museum. At this park, you can see animals from various continents that are preserved and placed in locations that are made as closely as possible to their natural habitat. You do not have to worry, these preserved animals are not hunted, but animals that have died naturally and then preserved.

Tourist attractions in Malang are very appropriate to visit with children while introducing them to the importance of maintaining environmental balance. Eco Green Park offers an educational recreational park containing a mini zoo and information on environmental maintenance. Entering this tourist area, you will be greeted with a large elephant statue made of used television. This tourist place has a lot of scattered rides, to get around you can rent E-Bike at a price of 100,000 Rupiah for 3 hours.

If day trips are too common for you then you need to try the Batu Night Spectacular or commonly abbreviated as BNS. In this place, you will experience the vibe of night market where you can enjoy various fun unforgettable rides such as ghost house, greenhouse, shake-house, ice-skating and wind bikes.

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