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6 years ago

Karawang was once a small town that became a witness to Indonesia's road to independence. Now that it is evolving into a rapid growing industrial city, Karawang still retains its own natural beauty through its renowned marine and waterfall.

Industrial Appeal


Karawang is a regency in West Java province, with the capital of Karawang city. Reflecting back to the history of the Independence of Indonesia, Karawang played a crucial role in the history of the nation. Rengasdengklok was known as a hiding place of Sukarno and Hatta by the youth of Indonesia to instantly formulate the proclamation of independence of Indonesia on August 16, 1945. Rengasdengklok was the first region of the Republic of Indonesia, which bravely fly the flag before the proclamation of the independence of Indonesia.

With so much valor within its history, there’s no doubt that nowadays Karawang has transformed into one of the leading Industrial city in Indonesia. Despite its historical value, Karawang also has some potential tourism objects like marine tourism and waterfalls.

Tanjung Pakis is a place where guests can enjoy a wide range of water activities including swimming and banana boat rides. The beautiful scenery of Tanjung Pakis beach is filled with shady pine trees, perfect for the picnic.

If you enjoy the waterfall, then heads up into Curug Cigentis, located in Gunung Sanggabuana. In this place, you can enjoy a beautiful waterfall as high as 25 meters with clean and clear water condition. The beauty of panorama is completed with the ferns that grow in that area.

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