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6 years ago

Jambi was once the home to the famous Sriwijaya Kingdom in which the remains of its temple complex become one of the most popular attractions in this province. This city is also a proud home of the longest river in Sumatera, Batanghari River.

River & Temple


Jambi is located on the east coast of Sumatra Island. Similar to Gorontalo and Bengkulu, the province and the capital share identical name. In terms of its history, Jambi became one of the territories under the rule of Sriwijaya Kingdom. Therefore, it is no surprise that you will find large temple complex in this province. Jambi is not only about the relics of Sriwijaya Kingdom. In this province, there are many interesting sights to visit.

The Muara Jambi Temple is a temple complex is referred as the Buddhist temple of the relics of the Kingdom of Sriwijaya and Malay. This tourist attraction in Jambi is also referred to as the largest temple complex in Indonesia. In 2009, UNESCO announced this red bricks temple as one of the world heritage sites that must be protected. This cultural attraction is located in the Kecamatan Sebo Muara, Kabupaten Muara Jambi, about 26 km from the provincial city.

If you are looking for a unique culinary experience by the waterfront, Tanggo Rajo is certainly a place that should definitely be visited. According to most people, the best time to visit this place is during the afternoons and evenings since you can perfectly enjoy the view of the Batanghari River, known as the longest river in Sumatra. In addition to its beautiful sunset view, you can also enjoy the culinary that is sold in various tents around the place.

For those who enjoy collecting ceramics, then do not miss the opportunity to visit the Sitimang Market on Sisingamangaraja street. This market has been known as the center of ceramics sales in Jambi since the 1980s. In this market, you can find ceramics in various forms such as jars, cutlery, as well as various home decoration. The ceramics sold in this market are unique and their motives are hard to find elsewhere.

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