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6 years ago

Palangkaraya is a unique city located in Central Borneo and it is mostly known for its raw natural beauty and rare wildlife species. It is an attractive and adventurous place of Dayak's indigenous culture that is worth to explore.

A Wildlife Haven


Unlike many other tourist attraction in Indonesia, Palangkaraya is a unique destination that revolves around its raw beauty and wildlife. As the capital of Central Borneo, surprisingly offers a lot of hidden attractions you need to explore — the pristine lake, the admirable waterfall, and rivers. A Journey into the Wildlife of Central Borneo are like sunken treasures. Surrounded by tropical Bornean wilderness, the city is where natural beauty meets the warmth of the Dayak culture and heritage.

If you are seeking a place to relax while getting your vacation mood on the right track then cooling off at Lake Tahai is certainly recommended. Located in the hub of the city, in place allows you to revive your mood while enjoying the fresh wind that cools you off. The tropical trees thriving in the peatland and the reddish brown water coming out from the roots of the trees is what become the highlights of Lake Tahai. Furthermore, the floating houses of the locals also add to the lake’s exquisiteness.

The Kum Kum Park is also another option to restore your heart and spirit to natural life. Located 5 minutes away from the iconic Kahayan Bridge, the park allows you see closer several wildlife animals such as monkeys, Indonesian bears, crocodiles, and endemic birds. You’ll be surprised that these species are now rare which make you feel special to witness it in front of your eyes.

Surely, exploring Palangkaraya would not feel complete if you haven’t seen the Bornean Orangutans in the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation. Spend a couple of hours with the cute furry animals. They are surely loving animals greeting to everybody. You can show your support to the endangered species by collaborating with the foundation as well.

Since Dayak is the indigenous tribe in Borneo, by sparing some of your time to experience the authenticity of its culture is certainly worth for your knowledge. Please make sure you drop by at Betang House where you can witness its unique tribal architecture house. The traditional dwelling has an elongated shape with a staircase (that’s why it’s also called “Betang” the long house) and unique architectural design on the wooden walls. The house is inhabited by some families of 100 to 150 people.

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