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6 years ago

Surabaya has grown into one of the most important city in Indonesia, especially due to its significant growth in its tourism industry. The city provides a unique blend of urban attraction in combination with its historical value.

The City Of Heroes

As the second largest city in Indonesia, Surabaya is known as the “City of Heroes” where its tourism industry has shown a significant growth from the past few years. Located in East Java, the tourism in Surabaya is also diverse, ranging from city tours as well as historical tourism. If you ever dream that Indonesia will one day have its own theme park as big as Universal Studios, then you are certainly lucky. Atlantis Land located in Kenjeran Park area and is one of Surabaya’s new and most popular tourist attractions. Although it is not in fully operational, the theme park can be visited by the public. Despite providing water-based attraction, Atlantis Land will also feature other various rides that are certainly interesting and worth to visit. The Surabaya North Quay is also another interesting that is suitable for those who enjoy sunset scenery. Located in the port area of Tanjung Perak, this tourist spot is also visited by people who are seeking an alternative activity outside the crowded life of the urban city. Surabaya which is also known as the “City of Heroes” also keeps a lot of historical references related to the Independence Day. One of them is the submarine fighting force, which is now become a submarine monument after fulfilling its duty in the past. As a monument as well as historical and educational sights, the submarine with the name KRI Pasopati 410 is located in the center of Surabaya, on Jalan Pemuda. Surabaya has also a unique religious sight, which is the Mosque of Muhammad Cheng Ho. The uniqueness of Masjid Muhammad Cheng Ho is in the architecture that combines Chinese and Arab culture. This mosque, in addition to being a place of worship, is also famous as a tourist attraction. The mosque of Muhammad Cheng Ho is often visited by tourists, both from Muslims, to non-Muslims. The mosque is open daily for 24 Hours.

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