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6 years ago

When people heard about Solo, it is mostly always about Batik that has received strong international admiration. Exploring this city makes you feel like you are stepping back in the past, while witnessing its undying arts and culture.

The Artsy Town


Solo (Also known as Surakarta) is the home of the old dynasties in Central Java which is as famous as its older brother, Yogyakarta. When tourist decided to visit Central Java, Solo and Yogyakarta have always been on the top of their mind. While Solo is slightly smaller than Yogyakarta, this ancient city has received a strong international admiration for its deeply rooted art and cultures. Solo is definitely a place that should not get overlooked.

If you are going to Solo for Batik then you’re definitely making one of the greatest decisions in your life. Solo is famous for the quality of its Batik and the Klewer Market is a traditional market where you can find a lot of different varieties and quality of Batik. This market is suitable for those looking to buy the Batik for souvenir purpose. However, if you are truly a Batik fan and in search of some classical design, then head down to the Laweyan Batik Village. This place feels like you are stepping back into the past where you can see old buildings that are very attractive. When you visit Laweyan you can learn how to make Batik, see how Batik is created and do some Batik shopping as well.

If you are looking for a cultural based performance, then the Sriwedari Park is certainly a recommended choice. Every night, the Sriwedari Park host various performances ranging from “Keroncong Musik”, traditional dance, as well as Wayang Kulit (Puppet). Speaking about Wayang Kulit, it is almost impossible to talk about Sriwedari Park without mentioning its famous Wayang Orang (Human Puppet) show. It’s basically a traditional show type of act that combines a play with puppetry and masks. There are more or less 60 performers in a show and it is usually held during the night to achieve a magical atmosphere. Without having the necessity of understanding the Javanese language, visitors can still enjoy the beauty of the performance through its music, dance, and costume.

In case you are looking for a more contemporary attraction then don’t worry because Solo has also several malls worth to visit such as Solo Paragon, Hartono Mall, and Solo Grand Mall. These malls are popular with the locals and it’s a nice place to hangout or just do some window shopping.

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