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6 years ago

Semarang offers an exciting journey for tourists to explore the town. A mix between various cultures, such as Chinese, European, and Javanese makes this city very unique. This city has become a must-go tourist destination in Central Java region.

Multicultural City


As one of the prominent city in Central Java, Semarang has become a magnet for tourist, either for business purpose or vacation. The high increase of tourist is also due to the variety of its attraction that is worth to explore.

A trip to Semarang will not be complete without visiting “Kota Lama Semarang” (Old Town Semarang). This tourist attraction in Semarang is already known as the most popular tourist sites in the capital of Central Java Province. If you enjoy taking pictures, Old Town Semarang has an extensive row of old buildings in classical European style, often considered to be the most Instagrammable place in Semarang.

While visiting the Old City, you can also take the time to stop by the Kampung Batik Semarang. As the name implies, Kampung Batik Semarang is a shopping place that became the center of batik craft from Semarang. You can find a row of shops that offer various types of batik. In addition, the batik from Semarang also tends to have brighter colors compared to another batik in Java. The price of the batik itself is affordable. Only with Rp 50.000, you can already purchase a variety of Batik with a good and interesting design. Furthermore, you can also take the time to learn how to make batik and see the process of making.

Lawang Sewu can also be the next exciting stopover in Semarang City. Often referred as a haunted building, Lawang Sewu is an old building that was once used for the Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij (NIS) headquarters, as a company that builds the train line between Semarang, Solo, and Yogyakarta. A variety of mystical stories enveloped the tourist attractions in Semarang. That said, there are several haunted locations that can be found in the building. Among these are the old wells area, the main door, the jail stand, the dungeon, the squatting prison, and the prisoner torture chamber. Various sightings reportedly often occurred in this tourist spot.

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