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6 years ago

Samarinda is a unique city situated in the bank of Mahakam River. This city is well-known for their strong Islamic influence while still retaining some of its traditional cultural value through their infamous "Tenun" (Weaving).

A Unique River City


As the capital of East Kalimantan, Samarinda is one of the largest cities in Kalimantan known for its exotic tourist attractions that will not disappoint you. In combination with its unique Islamic and indigenous culture, a trip to Samarinda will certainly bring a unique ambience to your journey.

The city of Samarinda is located on the shores of the Mahakam River. The river flows from the district of Long Apari in the Borneo highlands to its downstream at the Makassar Strait. The Mahakam Bridge crosses the Mahakam River and connects the river banks of Samarinda, Indonesia. The bridge itself was built in 1987.

Samarinda is also known for its strong Islamic influence which is represented through one of its famous mosques. The Islamic Center of Samarinda is a mosque located in Lerong Ulu Bay village, Samarinda City. This mosque is often considered to be the second largest mosque in Southeast Asia after the Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta. With the foreground of the Mahakam riverbank, this mosque has a become a favorite for tourist to take photos.

If you are seeking for some authentic indigenous clothing, then heads up to Desa Tenun (Weaving Village). As the name suggests, this is a local weaver’s village where you can witness a glimpse of the villagers making fabrics using the traditional machines. You can also buy some of the traditional fabrics from the weavers themselves. The prices are relatively reasonable compared to the gift shops.

Then finally, if you are a big fan of secluded Island, then heads up into Beras Basah (Wet Rice Island) located on Bontang, East Kalimantan. In order to reach this attraction, you need at least roughly 3 hours of drive from Samarinda. However, your journey will be worth it by the time you see the beautiful scenery of the island. Not only does the sand is white, but the panorama of the beach makes you feel like living in hidden paradise.

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