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6 years ago

Ponorogo is a unique city in East Java surrounded by mountains. Since the city does not have any beaches, the weather in Ponorogo is quite cool in general, making it suitable for tourists to explore their ranges of mountains and caves.

Vibrant Reog City


Ponorogo is a city in the East Java Province, and it is often nicknamed “Reog City” since it is where the Reog Ponorogo dance originated. Besides the city is associated to that famous traditional dance, Ponorogo is a unique city surrounded by mountains that possesses various tourist attraction that should not be missed.

Let’ start with the Mount Pringgitan which offers a tourism sensation from the top of a hill. Recommended during the night, travelers can witness the spectacular beauty of the Ponorogo city from a very high place. Mount Pringgitan is located in the village of Caluk, Slahung district. Here we can enjoy the view of the Reog City under the beautiful starlight.

Looking for more challenge? Then our next recommendation is the Lowo Cave, which is next to the Sampung Village, not far from the Ponorogo city centre. What makes this place unique is due to the thousands of bats residing inside the cave. But don’t worry, as long you don’t shed light on them, then the bats won’t do any harm. At first, the cave may look scary, however, this attraction is perfectly safe and will certainly give a unique experience that you never have before.

If you want to pamper your kids by giving them the best trip experience in Ponorogo, then heads up to the Kintamani Waterpark, which is a famous water resort in Siman, Ponorogo. Kintamani Waterpark is even famous among the locals due to its affordable place as well as its beautiful location among the hills in Ponorogo.

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