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6 years ago

Cirebon has recently become a weekend favorite getaway in West Java due to its variety of cultural attractions. While most of its tourism revolve around historical site, their other tourist spots are certainly worth your time.

A Cultural Charm


Cirebon is a city in West Java which is known for its weekend getaway while offering a wealth of culture and history. Although located in West Java, the daily life of its society is very different from other resident in the western part of Java. As we retraced back its history, Cirebon was once the center of Islamic development in West Java. Aside from that, due to its location on the border of Java and Sunda, this has enabled the cultural assimilation between the Javanese and the Sundanese culture that affect the architectural form of the “Masjid Agung Sang Cipta Rasa” (Great Mosque of Cirebon), especially through its decorations and ornaments.

The first cultural trip that should definitely be part of your plan is the Keraton Kasepuhan, also known as Cirebon’s Palace. In this place, you can learn about the history of Cirebon’s palace as well as their fascinating philosophies. You can also see antique heritage previously owned by the King around the palace. The Singa Barong is certainly the highlight in this palace. Made in 1545, the symbolism of each part of the carriage does not only represent its function but also an impressive masterpiece in that era.

Another interesting place worth to visit is the Sunyaragi Cave, which looks more like an impressive set in a movie. This cave is famously known as the place where the families of the old kingdom meditated. Sunyaragi itself literally means “quiet soul” and it is so peaceful that the place stood out eerily in the area.

Are you a big fan of Museum? Then a visit to Linggarjati Museum is certainly recommended. There is something so interesting about this old Dutch-style villa located in the foothills of Ceremai Mountain. With so much important history, the villa plays a significant role in the Indonesian government and the Dutch government, especially for the sovereignty declaration from the Dutch to Indonesia in 1946.

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