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6 years ago

Known as the "Rain City", these days Bogor has evolved into one of the most photogenic cities in Indonesia, offering wide varieties of natural panoramic region. This city is well-known as a favorite weekend getaway for people living in a big city.

The City of Nature


For those who are looking for an alternative place of spending the weekend, then Bogor is certainly a recommended choice since it is only 60 minutes away from Jakarta. Thanks to the social media, as Bogor has now transformed into an Instagrammable city that makes people want to visit the city and take photographs and share it with their social media. In this case, we can guarantee you that your social media feeds will be enlivened by various tourist destinations in Bogor that are eye catchy.

Believe it or not, Bogor has a place called Little Venice, which is a unique area that captures the atmosphere of the real Venice city in Italy. Located in Kota Bunga, the places make you feel like being in Europe where you can enjoy various rides such as gondolas across the small river, duck boats, water bikes, and many more.

Ever heard about the Hammocking trend? The trend where people climb a tree, hang their hammock then relaxing under the shade of a pine tree? In Mount Pancar Park, you can enjoy relaxing while hammocking in the shady pine trees. Due to its high location, the temperature feels cold, comfortable and it is even suitable for camping. The park is precisely located in Karang Tengah, Babakan Madang District, Bogor Regency, West Java.

Do you want to bring your loved one into the most romantic place in Bogor? Then come and visit Bunga Nusantara Park, where you can take photos with colorful flowers that will certainly make your Instagram feeds look beautiful. In this 23-hectare park, you can enjoy the variety of flowers from various regions and countries. This place also features various interesting activities from Labyrinth rides, Go-Kart, ATV Race, Bumper Boat and many more.

Bogor is also known for its reputation for producing high-quality local pastries. While you can easily grab them everywhere in Bogor, some recommended pastries worth to buy for souvenirs are Roti Unyil, Bolu Lapis Sangkuriang, Macaroni Panggang, and Kacang Bogor Istana.

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