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6 years ago

Bengkulu may be a small city that is often left out from public attention. But in the reality, it is a city that helped to shape Indonesia in the past and has a high historical value. Not only that, they have lush green natural attraction worth to be seen.

The Hidden Gem


Bengkulu is situated on the southwest shore of Sumatra and it is the home for various ethnicity group ranging from Rejang, Malay, Bugis, as well as Chinese. The city is secured by an extension of mountains, which stream into the compelling Bukit Barisan. Tigers and elephants roam through the remaining parts of the first rainforest, where attractive raffles and orchids grow.

Whether you are a history enthusiast or not, it is important to know that Bengkulu was once a place where the 1st President of Indonesia, Soekarno was being exiled. The Exile House of Bung Karno is one of the good historic building that is worth to visit. The house was the residence of Bung Karno, a house which is located in the center of the city of Bengkulu, precisely at Jalan Sukarno-Hatta, Kelurahan Anggut Atas, Kecamatan Gading Cempaka. It is also the place where Sukarno met Mrs. Fatmawati who later became his wife and was the one who sewed the red and white flag in the proclamation of August 17, 1945.

If an adventure is what you are looking for, then another place worth to visit is Pulau Tikus (Rat Island) which is one of the islands in Bengkulu that has a vast coral reef. This coral reef is a natural fortress that protects the Rat Island from abrasion caused by large sea waves. The attraction of the Rat Island is the stunning natural scenery, the clear sea water, the gorgeous rocks and the colorful fish. Here you can even snorkel for a closer look at the beautiful rock. Bengkulu is also a heaven for Durian lover where you can easily find it in every corner of the street. Often considered as the best in Indonesia, the durian in Bengkulu comes with a smooth and creamy taste is rarely found in durian from another region.

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