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6 years ago

The tropical sea climate in Ambon is what makes the city so calm and peaceful. Known as "Ambon Manise" or "Sweet Ambon", Ambon reflects a charm of sweetness that makes the raw beauty of this city worth your every second to visit.

The Eastern’s Gem

There is nothing more relaxing than enjoying the tropical sea climate in Ambon that makes life so calm and peaceful. Ambon is widely known as the capital of Maluku province which is also known as Ambon Manise or “Sweet Ambon” as it reflected the charm and sweetness of the city and its people. Due to its location close to the sea, Ambon is often regarded as a port center with various tourism spots worth visiting.

Are you interested to see hundreds of moray or different kinds of giant eels that you’ve never seen before? Come and visit Waai Village to see how the local people tamed these unique animals. If you are interested in the architecture of old buildings then you can visit an old church located on the hills of Mount Sirimau with the architecture built since 1954. Meanwhile, several collections of historical objects as well as traditional clothing of Maluku at the Museum of Siwalima will also serve as an interesting stop to understand more about the local culture. As for souvenirs, Ambon also possesses some of the unique batiks that are worth to collect. Unlike the other Batik from the Java Island, the batik of Ambon comes with an interesting tribal design that perfectly creates its own unique trademark.

If you think about doing other exciting activities outside the cultural activity, then Lelisa Beach is certainly recommended for swimming, diving or even sunbathing in the serene atmosphere of the beach. Looking to see some more natural beauties? Then visit Pombo Island as well as Tanjung Setan Beach to witness its famous underwater paradise with the exotic coral reef.

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