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A Warm Welcome to Central Java

Even before the famous Chinese explorer Zheng He ( Cheng Ho) stepped ashore in 1405 the ancient Javanese city of Semarang was an important economic and political centre. For centuries its bustling port has been a key port of inter-island trade. Today Central Java's capital city continues to thrive, a fascinating melting pot of Javanese, Sundanese and ethnic Chinese traditions.

Conveniently located near Ahmad Yani airport, Central Java's main hub, with direct connections to molar cities throughout Indonesia and overseas, the hotel is also situated near the Central Business District, with its many banks and government offices. Every one of the hotel's 106 Smart rooms has wi-fi internet access, safety deposit box, and other amenities normally only associated with top-end hotels. Whether on business or pleasure - or simply passing through - you will be sure of a warm welcome at Amans Hotel Pemuda Semarang.

At Amaris hotels, our guests enjoy the comfort of a clean, crisp, Smart room with ultra-stylish design and cutting-edge LCD TV - all without having to pay more for the privilege.

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