The Enchantment of Palembang
Enjoying the Land of Sriwijaya with Hotel Amaris Palembang.

Palembang is now one of tourism destinations both for domestic and foreign tourists. Palembang is well known for its cultural destination that strongly influenced by the history of Sriwijaya Kingdom and Musi river as the icon of the city. If you visit Palembang, have your stay at Hotel Amaris Palembang as its strategic location is surrounded with culinary area. This two stars hotel has 180 rooms and 7 meeting rooms with capacity of 20-400 pax, as well as 3 additional outlets such as Indomaret, Pempek Beringin & Souvenir, and Ya Kun Kaya Coffee.
Enjoy your vacation by visiting tourist attractions we recommend:

1. Bukit Siguntang
Historical tourist attraction “Bukit Siguntang” is located approximately 10 km from Hotel Amaris Palembang. It is perceived as holy place with strong charm since 1417. Here you may find the burial ground of royal descendant from Sriwijaya. It is no wonder then if Bukit Siguntang becomes one of historical tourist attractions that expose Sriwijaya Kingdom history as the center of Buddhism in Indonesia back in the past.

2. Taman Purbakala
Here you may find many ancient relics that indicate this place was once to be the center of human’s settlement and activity. To be believed as the relics of royal park of Sriwijaya back in the past, you can find artifacts that tell about the daily activity of its people such as beads, brick structure, resin, rope fibers, ceramics, and debris of Cheng Ho’s boat.

3. Museum Bait Alqur’an Raksasa
If you want to visit religious tourist attraction, it is recommended to visit Museum “Bait Alqur’an Raksasa” at Pondok Pesantren Al-Ihsaniyag in Gandus District. Holy verses of the Quran are beautifully carved on wood sheets in total for about 40 cubic meters of trembesi wood. Uniquely, its ornament and frame have typical of Palembang culture carvings, however the color and the feature is not far from the influence of Chinese culture. Surely you can bring some souvenirs from this place.

4. Jakabaring
Here we can visit three interesting places:
a. Bird Park
Here you can enjoy the intimacy playing with many different kinds of birds with rich diversity of colors and melodious sounds. Feeding the birds that perch on your hand also taking selfie with them are things to do that you should not miss out. You need to pay for IDR 50,000 per person to enter this park.
b. Cheng Ho Mosque
Find your tranquility to pray here in this mosque. The beauty of the mosque design portrays the advancement of Islam. We would feel gratitude to Cheng Ho that introduced Islam to South Sumatra.
c. Jakabaring Sport City
Here we can see the entire sport stadiums that built magnificently in various designs that depict the advancement and readiness of South Sumatra in hosting international events. In this area, you can also find beautiful lake that you should not forget to take picture there. This lake is completed with jogging track in the entire of its edge which you can enjoy beautiful scenery and cool air. As Palembang is currently developing sport tourism, it is suggested that you try “archery” there that will teach you to deal with patience and being focus. The last but not least, do not forget to take picture with the background the magnificent football stadium of Jakabaring, the home ground for Sriwijaya FC.

5. Benteng Kuto Besak
In this area, we can do several activities and do not forget to get your camera ready.
a. Praying at Masjid Agung Palembang
b. Sightseeing the Monumen Perjuangan Rakyat or Monpera
This monument commemorates the fight of local fighters towards the aggressor, the Dutch. In January 1947, after the independence of Indonesia, the Dutch was about to colonize Indonesia gain. The Dutch destroyed Palembang by deploying tank and artillery. The Dutch also attacked the nationalist fighters from the warship and dropped the bombs and grenades. The war happened in almost of every corner of Palembang for 5 days 5 nights and it destroyed the city.
c. Museum Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II
This museum is located in the river bank of Musi near Benteng Kuto Besak and Ampera Bridge. This museum is divided to two floors built in colonial architecture topped with “rumah limas” roof of Palembang. In the past, the area of Museum Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II was former land of the palace that built by Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin I in 1737. In the Museum, there are 669 historical relics. You can also see statues in the surrounding of the Museum. These statues are the relics from Buddhism of Sriwijaya Kingdom.
d. Enjoying the culinary of River Side Restaurant
Pamper your tongue with the seafood menu or traditional food from Palembang here. You will be accompanied with the breathtaking view of beautiful Musi river and Ampera Bridge.
e. Enjoying the icon of Palembang “Ampera” View
This location is in the river bank of Musi with spacious yard that was used as loading dock before.
f. Coffee Time at Ampera Center
Take a little break to enjoy the beauty of Musi River with the background of Ampera Bridge. Here you can enjoy the very divine sunset. There are a lot of choices for you to eat while having talks such as JCo, KFC, etc.

6. Musi Tour
Do you want to experience Musi River even more? You can rent the “Keteq” boat with the rate around IDR 350,000 for 5-7 people. Enjoy the ride along Musi River, you will see the indigenous people life of Palembang with the traditional typical house of Palembang that has existed since decades or even hundreds of years. Riding this keteq you can stop by to:
a. Kemarau Island, an island with its legendary story.
b. Almunawar Village, a village with traditional house of Palembang that has been in hundreds of years given birth habib scholars

7. Souvenir
a. Nyeyes
Nyeyes is one of leading t-shirt brands in Palembang in specialty to make t-shirt using the parody of local culture and wisdom. In Palembang language, Nyenyes means fussy. Possibly the name of Nyenyes was taken because the graphic design for that t-shirt looks so funny and seems fussy. It is innovative since it combines the local culture and the trend for youth today.
b. Songket & Jumputan Tangga Buntung Fabric
If your visit were only to look for special songket from Palembang, we recommend you to pay a visit to “Tangga Buntung”. There we can see the making process of songket directly.
c. Songket at Pasar Ramayana
There are dozens of kiosks in the back part of Ramayana building that sell songket with various choices with the rates from tens of thousands to millions rupiahs for each.

8. Culinary
Visiting Palembang is not complete if you do not taste any special food from Palembang.
a. Pempek
There are tons of restaurants that sell this Palembang specialty such as Pempek Tince, Pempek Beringin, Pempek Candy, Pempek dan Es Kacang Vico, Pempek Pasar 26 Ilir, etc.
b. Musi Rawas Restaurant
This is a traditional restaurant that serves Palembang typical home-cooked meals like Pindang, Ikan Seluwang, Udang Galah, lalapan, and boiled banana blossom served with sambal petai and sambal terasi. There are also dishes from Pindang fish like Pindang Ikan, Pindang Tulang and as well as Tempoyak, a meal made from patin fish mixed with fermented durian. Doesn’t it sound so legit?
c. Aloy Noodle (Non Halal)
Chinese noodle with very special taste that most of non Moslem ones really like it.
After all, there are more delicacies that you need to taste during your visit in Palembang that surely we cannot mention them all.

9. Rumah Limas
Indigenous house from Palembang is Rumah Limas, you will be stunned with the architectural style and design of this ethnical house. It is situated only 800 m from Hotel Amaris Palembang or equal to 8 minutes by walking. Here we can take some pictures styled in wedding of Palembang. The ticket price is only IDR 10,000 per person and you can enjoy the ambience of traditional house of South Sumatra. It does not only provide a place to enjoy, Rumah Limas also serves you place to buy Songket, Jumputan, Blongsong, Batik, and Prada; kemplang (Palembang chips), traditional cookies, snack, souvenir, or you can do your pre wedding photos here. To get yourself pictured wearing traditional clothes of Palembang, you will be charged for IDR 150,000 per person meanwhile for group photo, they will have special rates.


After a full day of strolling around, it is now time to take a break at Hotel Amaris Palembang. In the lobby of Amaris, there are three outlets; one of them is Ya Kun Kaya Coffee. Ya Kun Kaya Coffee serves you various coffee and tea as well as snack i.e. toast or even kwetiau. Next to this coffee shop, there is Pempek Beringin & Souvenir. Pempek Beringin & Souvenir serves you typical dishes of Palembang also souvenirs to bring back home. For daily need or food and beverages for your room, you can go shopping at Indomaret that exactly next to Pempek Beringin.

Talking about Palembang may come to endless conversation therefore just schedule your visit to Palembang and do not forget to book your room first on or or you can directly call to +62 711 5710 999 WA: +6281958315888.
Have a good one for your holiday!

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