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Welcome to the Heart of Java

Home to the twin marvels of Borobudur and Prambanan, Jogjakarta (or 'Jogja' for short) is a thriving cultural centre, where Java's ancient traditions are preserved, its language is at its purest, and its arts are at their brightest. These and many more attractions have made Jogya a magnet for visitors from all over the world.

Located in downtown Jogya, near to historic Tugu railway station, one of Indonesia's oldest, and conveniently near world-famous 'must-see' shopping mecca of Jalan Malioboro, Amaris Hotel Diponegoro is the ideal base for your Jogya visit. This hotel has all the amenities you would expect of a hotel sporting the Amaris name: wi-fi internet access, and generous parking space.

At Amaris hotels, our guests enjoy the comfort of a clean, crisp, Smart room with ultra-stylish design and cutting-edge LCD TV - all without having to pay more for the privilege.

Amaris Hotel Diponegoro
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