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Once known as Ujung Pandang, Makassar is the largest city in the eastern part of Indonesia and the gateway tothe fascinating Tana Toraja region with its unique culture,unchanged for centuries, and its beautiful highland panoramas.

A long-established and important trading hub, Makassar’s sea port and airport link the major cities of Java and Sumatra with the eastern provinces such as Maluku and Papua. It is a cosmopolitan place, where Malays, Chinese, Europeans and hundreds of smaller ethnic groups have all left their mark. And it is a city of contrasts, where traditional fishing vessels jockey for space with modern container ships, upmarket hotels exists next to homely guesthouses, and there are sights for beach lovers and history buffs alike, with well-known tourist attractions such as Losari Beach and Fort Rotterdam.

Created to meet the needs of the modern-day urban professional, every Amaris Hotel offers a stylish yet affordable alternative, complete with modern amenties and professional service

Amaris Hotel Hertasning
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