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Straddling the divide between the Sundanese people of West Java and the Javanese to the east, Cirebon is a major culltural and transportation hub, with a unique dialect and a vibe all of its own. The city has also looked to the sea for its livelihood, and today its fishing industry is still of vital importance to its prosperity. However, the city has also become known as a major centre for batik weaving and for its rattan industry.

Located on Jalan Siliwangi in the heart of the city's "golden triangle", where the city's tradesmen and business people mix, Amaris Hotel Cirebon is also located conveniently closed the Kejaksan railway station and the town square, Mesjid Agung, mayor's office and municipal government departments.

All this makes Amaris Hotel Cirebon the perfect choice when travelling to this vibrant and fascinating city.

Amaris Hotel Cirebon
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